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“And always remember that failure is your friend. It is the raw material of success. Invite it in. Learn from it. And don’t let it leave until you pick its pocket.”
― Scott Adam

Seth Lyle serves as a board member of Meeks Mountain Trail Alliance. He is originally from Poca, WV (more specifically, Forest Park) and now lives in Hurricane.

Seth is a Geotechnical Engineer with the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers and has been working in this field for over 18 years. He loves the design process for modification of existing (typically old) dams and levees to ensure proper operational safety.

When he's not at work, Seth loves cycling and spending time with his family. He is married to Cari and they have 3 children, Ella, Luke, and Jude. He loves dogs and is soon to be the father of a German Short-Haried Pointer. 

In his own words...

Why are you involved in MMTA? 


My son Luke started mountain biking for some reason and took me out on the trails before bad benches was started (summer/Fall of 2019 I think). So, I had to dust off my 1998 Raleigh M-80 to ride with him. We then realized that someone was actively building these trails. He had me join the MMT facebook group to see what it was all about. Then he had me buy him a bigger bike. Shortly after he had me buy him a new (and better) 29er bike.  He then proceeded to ride the tires off that bike and destroy just about every component on it. After fixing each of those, he decided to just go ahead and break the frame!  It was good timing since he needed a better and faster bike to start racing with NICA.  We both enjoy building and using the trails that are so close to our house, and the timing was great since everything that kept us busy on Saturdays (like soccer, swimming, etc) was cancelled due to COVID.   

If you could only pick one activity on the trails, what would it be?

I do them all and honestly enjoy them all equally...I really mean that.

What is something no one else knows about you? 

I'm a long time U2 fan and I like 90's era country music.



Seth Lyle

Board Memeber

Building Trails, Building Community.​ 

Our Mission
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