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Online Auction - Putnam Area Community Enrichment - PACE Foundation

Putnam Area Community Enrichment - PACE Foundation

Our 2020 Speakeasy Auction begins now! Bid increments are $5, shipping will be added to the final cost. All artists will receive 50% of proceeds. Thank you to all our donors and sponsors.

Auctions updated throughout the week, ends this Saturday 11-21 at 9:15pm.

* Scroll through our Facebook page to view all auction listing posts. * Bid by commenting on the item with your price (remember - $5 increments). *When the auction closes Saturday night we'll send you an invoice through Paypal. *Be sure to join us at 7:00 p.m. Saturday night for The Speakeasy 2020 - A Virtual PACE Foundation Fundraiser-enjoy games, entertainment, speakeasy themed demonstrations, and learn more about our organization.



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