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MMTA Scholarship

MMTA Scholarship Guidelines

The Meeks Mountain Trail Alliance Scholarship is for Putnam County high school students who have dedicated exceptional time and effort serving their community by helping to build local trails in Putnam County.  This scholarship will be awarded to an individual, valued at $500 each, who meets the criteria listed:  

Scholarship Requirements

  • Graduating high school senior

  • Be a current member, or a relative of a member, of MMTA

  • Complete 15 or more hours of trail service

  • A one-page letter explaining why this scholarship should be awarded to the recipient and why the recipient believes trail building and maintenance is important.

Service vs. Volunteering

Supporting a variety of volunteer activities to serve others is important; however, not all volunteer hours qualify toward this scholarship.  Please remember that for this scholarship, MMTA is seeking volunteer service in which the recipient demonstrates leadership and a commitment to transforming and improving the MMT trail system.  We ask that a member of the MMTA board sign off on a letter that states the hours of personal time the recipient has logged on the trails or off the trails in other capacities. 

Application Checklist

The following is a list of items you will need to submit:


  • High school

  • Cumulative GPA (unweighted)


  • What trail building means to recipient

  • How recipient has shown leadership through trail building

  • How recipient’s efforts will help others in the community

  • Why recipient feels he/she should receive this scholarship

  • How would the recipient use the scholarship funds

Community Service Activities

Volunteer hours must be equal to or greater than 15 hours. Recipient will be asked to provide the following information:

  • Activities Performed

  • Population/Area Served

  • Total Hours Performed

  • Supervisor Name, Email, and Phone

Building Trails, Building Community.​ 

Our Mission
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