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Crush Run Results & Race Recap

The fir

st ever MMTA Crush Run Half Marathon, 5k and Kids Run is in the books! Thank you to all of the runners and walkers that showed up and braved the ice, snow and cold to share in this inaugural event. Over 30 volunteers gave their time on Saturday to serve the 174 runners across all of the races.

While most of our runners were from the tri state area we had runners travel from North Carolina, Indiana, Illinois, Utah and Colorado to be with us.

Congratulations to all of our winners! The half marathon women’s race winners were Hannah Stillings in 1st, Jasmyne Huffman in 2nd, and Laura Jarrell in 3rd place.

For the men Gerod Green was the overall champion followed by Jonathan Fee in 2nd and Jason Beckner in 3rd.

Hannah and Gerod established the course records and the times beat for future years and did so in tough, icy, and snowy conditions.

For the 5k our top men were Corey Culbertson in 1st, Ty Steorts in 2nd and Randy Taylor in 3rd.

For the ladies in the 5k Ava Ethridge was the overall winner followed by Sarah Doerner in 2nd and Emma Newsom in 3rd place.

Our top “Run with Your Crush” teams were Rayree Cawhee for the 5k with teammates Jon and Reagan Conley. The top Crush team for the half marathon was team Dan Vasil with Dan Vasil and Hannah Stillings.

Congratulations to all of our winners!

Results and photos are available on AP Timing

More photos can be found here.

Life is best done with friends and family and in community. The Meeks Mountain Trails is a testament the many good people from our community that have developed these trails over the past two years.

We’re not just building trails, we’re building community. See you next year!



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