MMTA Launches New Sustainer Trailhead Fundraiser

HELP US STEP UP THE VISION MMTA has launched the new Trailhead fundraiser project to the community. This is an opportunity to contribute to a grand entrance for a grand trail system, built by volunteers. The trailhead will be a great way to show your support, promote your business, or simply a way of saying thank you to the 9000+ volunteer hours provided. With an abundance of willing volunteers, MMTA anticipates building a trail system that covers 26+ miles by the end of 2022. ​ $5,000 Monetary Contribution Engraved landing pad in stairway (6’x4’) ​ $2,500 Monetary Contribution Engraved step riser in stairway (6’x6”) ​ $1,500 Monetary Contribution Engraved step surface in stairway (6’x2’) ​ $_____Donation of choice Anonymous contribution to this exciting project. ​ Reserve your spot today! Contact our team to learn more and place your order!


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