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The Captain of Meeks Mountain, Aaron Gillispie, Talks the Trans Virginia Win.

Welcome to the Hurricane Hundred K Runner Profile and Runner Education Series, Aaron Gillispie! As he's known on the mountain, Captain is a member of the exclusive Meeks Mountain Hundred Build Club and is fresh off a win at the Trans Virginia 565 miler.

Join us as he talks about his experience, what drives him, and how he keeps rolling for 72 hours with just a few hours of sleep. This podcast brings the insight and knowledge of an endurance mountain biker and a very special co-host, the Chief Fun Officer of Meeks Mountain, none other than Brandon Doerner. 

Listen in as we dig into the nuts and bolts of his ride, gear, planning, and motivation to make it all happen.  There's excellent insight here that every endurance athlete can learn from and improve themselves.



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