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"Don't let the Devil get you down!"

Rob Robertson grew up in St. Albans, WV, and serves as a board member of Meeks Mountain Trail Alliance. He is retired with over 40 years of experience in Coal Preparation Engineering. Rob owned and operated an International Electrical Engineering, Instrumentation, and Automation Company. Now, his goal is to maintain his properties and ride his bicycle as much as possible!


Rob has been involved in many successful corporate ventures and loves his wife and 3 sons. He has accomplished 3.5 cross-country bike tours; 3.5 times West to East, North/South from Banff to Mexico, and many shorter trips; Pittsburgh to DC; WV to Lake Erie, Natchez Trace, Blue Ridge Parkway, etc. "Can anyone ride a bicycle without a smile on their face?"

Now that he is retired, Rob never really works anymore and doesn't really miss it. His favorite hobby is bike riding of all kinds - road, trail, and gravel. He also loves trail running. 

Rob has been married to Cindy for over 25 years, They have 3 sons, 2 grandchildren, 3 feral cats, a heard of dear, and an occasional raccoon in his attic.

In his own words...

Why are you involved in MMTA? 


Because Brandon asked me to. Who could turn that guy down? It has proven to be a socially enriching and rewarding experience. 

If you could only pick one activity on the trails, what would it be?


It would be running the trails because I think the trails lend themselves to running more than any other activity.

What is something no one else knows about you? 


I'm never done with something even when I say I am.


Rob Robertson

Board Member

Building Trails, Building Community.​ 

Our Mission
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