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"The power of life and death exists in the tongue,...So speak life."
-Proverbs 18:21

Matt Young serves as the Treasurer and Events Committee Chair of Meeks Mountain Trail Alliance. Under Matt's leadership, MMTA held its inaugural event (The Crush Run) with resounding success. 


Matt is from Cross Lanes, WV, and has been Certified Financial Planner for over 16 years. Many will know Matt from his passion for helping everyone learn to love running through his Genisis Running program. He's been coaching runners for over 14 years.

Matt loves to share his knowledge as a way to help others. He teaches financial stewardship as well as coaches new runners.  Both of these aspects teach principles that will serve his clients (and friends) for the rest of their lives. 

Matt loves the outdoors so most of the time when he's not working, you'll find him running. If he had more time, he'd enjoy fly fishing, hunting, and staying at his camp property. 

Matt is married to Ann Marie (since 1997). They have 2 children, Caroline and Charlie, and a Yorkshire Terrier name Sophie. "You have to be confident in your manhood to walk a Yorkie with a pink leash." 

In his own words...

Why are you involved in MMTA? 


I’d been running on Meeks Mountain since 2006 when a friend introduced me to the area. Then, it was just pipeline and old logging roads. I ran up there several times a week and explored new trails and roads. I always thought there was a ton of potential for good trails.  When I heard that new trails were being built behind City Park I thought it would be some kind of easy “Mickey Mouse” type trails that would be short and boring.  After hearing enough about it I tried it for the first time in the fall of 2019 and then it was less than two miles of trails on the Red/White but they were much better than I expected. Then a friend of mine, Seth Lyle, told me he’d been going to help build new trails on Saturday. In early 2020 I showed up on a Saturday to help because if I was going to use the trails I wanted to help build the trails. I also believe they would be a huge hit in our community but had no idea how many people would use them.  

If you could only pick one activity on the trails, what would it be?


I'm a runner, so running. I also enjoy the building. I spend most of my workday in an office so doing some work from the neck down is good for my overall well-being. 

What is something no one else knows about you? 


I'm an introvert that loves to time on my own and I think that's one of the reasons I enjoy long-distance trail runs and training for them. 


Matt Young

Treasurer, Events Chair

Building Trails, Building Community.​ 

Our Mission
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