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Team Roam and Run: A Hurricane Hundred K Champion Interview

Meet Team Roam and Run, a star-studded relay team from Huntington, West Virginia, which came to run and win the top spot for relay teams in the 2nd annual Hurricane Hundred K on September 9th, 2023.

The team members include Logan Kirby, Caleb Bowen, and Ryan Ramsby. Team Roam and Run discussed this family-friendly race event, focusing on the fun and relaxed atmosphere. The team also shared their experiences during the race, emphasizing the second loop, which Ryan described as a grind due to tired legs and the general nature of long-distance trail running. We gave young Logan some stellar advice, including smoking cigarettes to warm up his lungs before races and running as hard as possible.

We also dug into the recent Grindstone 100k and 100 miler and their experiences. If you are into this stuff and love the boys of Team Roam and Run, you will geek out on this long-form conversation.

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